Freelancers in the Age of Social Media

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In order to ensure the success of your business in every way, you need a solid foundation on which to build. Scheduling your social media posts is an important part of expanding your company’s online presence. A platform is…what? Consider the effort that goes into designing the perfect outdoor band stage in the middle of an empty field. How big is it, and how much weight can it support? Supplies, services, and expertise may need to be acquired or contracted for, adding to the total price tag. When you take that first step onto the stage, you realize it is stable; there is no swaying or tumbling, and you won’t have to make any adjustments. If you want something to go anywhere, your platform is it. You can immediately advance to the next phase of your business strategy.

The value of social media is still being debated by the self-employed and those who run businesses out of their homes. There’s no doubt that promoting your company on social media can be beneficial, but it’s just as crucial to stay away from common pitfalls.

While using social media, there are many potential risks that can go unnoticed; we discuss many of these in Purple Snowflake Marketing. It would be a mistake, for instance, to let oneself get overwhelmed by the abundance of interesting and instructive material available online. Intermingling work and play can be counterproductive.

For a company to succeed, its owners must first gain a thorough understanding of its target market. Having this data at your disposal will make it much easier to settle on a visual style, color scheme, image selection, potential social media platforms, and written content. You should know from the get-go why you’re joining a particular social media platform. The way you use Facebook and Instagram could be completely different.

Pay close attention to the profile area when creating an account on any social media platform, as this is where you can add identifying brand elements like a logo or additional images. At the very least once a year, you should review your profiles. You want the data to be current, accessible, engaging, and indicative of your business’s goals. It’s important to avoid coming across as uninteresting or like you’ve gone out of business if you want to maintain a professional image.

Separate rules apply to one’s own social media accounts. It is imperative that you refrain from doing anything that could be construed as personal use of social media during business hours. It’s the professional equivalent of talking to your girlfriend on the phone all day long. Keeping this in mind, employees should never use their personal accounts for company business.

Never discuss anything that isn’t directly related to the company, its policies, its mission, or its employees in a business setting. It is inappropriate for business publications to feature stories about your hobbies, political beliefs, family vacations, or other non-work-related activities. It is important to keep in mind that the social media features of the business platform exist for the express purpose of attracting and interacting with business clients and networks.

Those who follow you and share your content online do so because they find your insights and recommendations valuable. They have no interest in mindless filler, offensive material, or being constantly “sold to.” It is crucial to strike a good balance between the places and times where you sell to your audience.

Make sure that your (and your employees’) private online profiles do not offend customers. Your company may suffer repercussions if people who visit your website in search of staff members find disturbing content on their Facebook pages.

People appreciate feeling heard, so encourage them to comment on your posts or send you a direct message with their thoughts and ideas. In responding to their comments, you show them that you value and care about what they have to say.

Using social media also helps you build backlinks whenever your site is mentioned. Search engines will give your site a boost in rankings whenever people read your post and click through to your linked resource. Therefore, this tool can unquestionably be your ally and greatly enhance the success of your marketing initiatives when used wisely.

Lillian and her husband Dave run Brummet Media Group, and you can often find them giving each other a friendly high five as they rush past you on the way to or from crossing an item off their long to-do list. Dave’s music studio, graphic design, and percussion accessory products, as well as their joint publication of several bestselling nonfiction books, make up the bulk of their revenue, but they also run a successful blogging operation.

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