Prospective customers can benefit greatly from one particular type of in-depth research.

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If you listen to the calls that your sales representatives make, you will notice that they just talk past the close. They are preventing themselves from achieving their goals by talking too much. They begin speaking immediately after posing a question, and they don’t even give the prospect the opportunity to respond.

Let’s begin with the most obvious problem here: Sales representatives talk too much. It doesn’t matter whether they are unable to stop talking because of nerves, anxiety, a lack of expertise, or just the conviction that the prospect will say “Not interested” and hang up the phone if they stop talking to them.

They continue to converse after that…

There are various risks involved when one engages in excessive conversation. In many cases, sales representatives will really bring up objections when they are talking past the end of the deal. This is a widespread issue, and it is one that they have brought upon themselves in its entirety.

Another issue is that they interrupt their prospects, making them appear impolite and giving the appearance that they aren’t interested in what the prospect has to say. Because of this, they come out as aggressive and salesy, which makes the potential customer want to cut off communication with them.

As if all of these issues weren’t enough, by talking so much they aren’t learning anything about the prospect, their needs, their pain, or about what it is that they would need assistance with. The customer has all the answers, whether it be why they will buy, why they won’t buy, what you need to say to sell them, etc., this is something that I have always stressed to students. If you aren’t paying attention, however, you won’t catch a single word of it.

Because of this, you could feel the want to continue talking and making your case…

The good news is that there is a great method available to find out more information about a possibility. It will seem straightforward when I explain it to you, and in reality, it is straightforward; however, putting it into practice will be challenging due to the fact that the majority of sales representatives are focused on making sales calls.

Here’s what it is: At any point in a conversation with a prospect, if they either give you what appears to be an objection (like, “We wouldn’t be interested…”) or are just not volunteering much information, all you need to say is: “I see what you mean.”

Then you should be quiet and press the MUTE button on your device.

When you repeat it, make sure to do so in a manner that conveys a sense of inquiry by gently elevating the pitch of your voice. Now is the time to practice saying “OH? ”

Do not dismiss this as being either ridiculous or too straightforward to have much of an impact because of any of those reasons. It is one of the most cutting-edge and effective tools a true closer may have in their toolbox.

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