Take Clever Measures to Hide Your Valuables

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As a result, it is imperative that we engage in some creative thinking in order to conceal our valuable possessions in locations that would never occur to thieves. Do not leave anything to chance, and proceed with extreme caution when deciding where to invest your wealth. When it comes to protecting and concealing your hoard, show the thieves that you are smarter than they are!

Who doesn’t have some level of anxiety regarding the goods they keep at home? After all, it is a difficult task to preserve their security and keep them out of the hands of any dishonest person or robber (because if we are smart, then thieves are no less). No matter how diligently one attempts to protect the wealth that they have accumulated, there is always the possibility that it could be lost. According to the research that has been done, the majority of burglars say that after cash, valuables are at the top of their list of priorities, and they are always on the lookout for cherished belongings such as jewelry, diamonds, watches, and the like.

This post will walk you through the best and worst places to hide your belongings and provide recommendations for each. Take a look;

Worst places to store your precious belongings

When used in this context, the phrase “worst spots” refers to the “most-common” or “obvious” points that any potential thief would go for in the first place. When an attacker breaks in, he immediately begins his mission by searching exclusively in the following locations:

You provide the impression that you are sleeping on them, giving the impression that thieves won’t be able to access them. The unfortunate truth is that burglars are more likely to strike when you are not at home. In addition, both seasoned criminals and rookies are familiar with this typical practice because it is so widespread. This indicates that the money you keep under your mattress is at a significant danger of being stolen. Be very careful about inserting anything in that space!

Another typical error that most people make is locking their high-priced belongings away in a drawer. This is a huge mistake! In any case, the individuals who crack safes are astute enough to bring various tools with them, such as screwdrivers, hammers, and other implements, in order to defeat any and all locks that may be there. When this happens to you, you run the risk of suffering a double loss: both your assets and your drawers will be stolen.

Before the movies came along, this would have been a really good spot to hide treasures, but now it’s not that clever at all. It’s possible that the cracksmen got their idea from the same movie from which you got yours, the one from which you learnt the trick. So, a strategy that was successful in the movie The Godfather might not be the best option for you. So, a resounding no to the use of toilet tanks!

The areas with the lowest probability of being searched by a thief are the ones that are regarded as the most secure for storing things:

One of the most effective methods for defending priceless possessions is to store them in enormous, cumbersome safe-deposit boxes that are difficult to relocate. Just make sure that these sturdy crates can withstand the types of tools that are typically carried by thieves. A hefty case is difficult to move, and the reliability of the lock will bring the level of protection for the contents to an entirely new level. If you were to use them, the unfortunate intruder would have no choice but to return home empty-handed. This would be the only outcome possible!

It might be a good idea to conceal your wealth in things that are used on a regular basis (like boxes in the kitchen, for example). An attacker wouldn’t typically take that much time to inspect each and every drum in the kitchen if they were there to steal something. Maintain the vessel so that it is filled with precious objects in addition to other containers that store commodities that are used on a regular basis such as sugar or rice.

It’s possible that the criminals and would-be burglars that invade your property lack a high level of education. Therefore, there is a rather good chance that they do not like reading and would avoid going near bookcases if they were given the choice. You have, therefore, found the ideal location in which to conceal your diamond ring or your most sensitive documents. However, you should make sure that your library contains a sufficient number of volumes so that it can function as an excellent hiding spot.

It would be a good idea to adopt certain security measures that will help in better protecting your dwelling as well as the assets you possess, in addition to concealing the items in such a way that they are not easily found in less obvious places. You might also take into consideration various fail-safe alternatives, such as storing the majority of your possessions in a bank locker and putting in place security measures at your residence. It is a well-known truth that banks are the safest location to keep anything, even the most precious stuff, and that security cameras are, of course, the most effective guards!

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