The Key to Successful Sales

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Consider for a moment that there existed a single principle that, once internalized, would guarantee your success in selling any product or service you so desired.

Not only could you sell these items, but if you mastered this technique, you would outsell everyone else in your company or field by a wide margin.

Think about what you could accomplish if you knew the key to effective selling.

Moreover, you would be able to sell more with less anxiety, less rejection, and sales would actually become, dare I say it, easy.

It’s not often that the words “selling” and “easy” appear together, but once you discover this secret and put it to use, they will.

To put it simply, sales is just a series of opportunities to sell that crop up again and again.

The prospecting, closing, and following up all receive the same cold shoulder treatment.

Let me show you: are any of the following sales scenarios at all familiar to you, regardless of the product, service, or industry in which you work?

Since I don’t know what most of you are selling and have never met most of you reading this, I’ll wager that these address the vast majority of the criticisms you face.

That’s because the sales process is a series of situations where the same objections and stalls keep cropping up.

Therein lies the key to making a sale:

Master the responses to these typical challenges in advance.

Let me tell you a secret that may make you exclaim, “Duh!” Most salespeople don’t do this (90% don’t). Instead, they wing it, invent responses on the spot, and recycle the same tired ones.

Answers that don’t work and are poor quality!

Prepare two or three “best practice” responses in advance for the common sales scenarios you’ll inevitably encounter.

You should hone, drill, and rehearse these answers until they come naturally.

Taking this action will have far-reaching effects on your sales performance, day-to-day work in sales, and future professional and personal success.

Your options are to either struggle and underachieve, or to sell with ease and confidence while making more money than 90% of your competitors combined.

The key to making sales is knowledge, so start studying it now.

Mike Brooks is widely regarded as the industry’s go-to expert on internal sales. The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals has awarded Mike’s company with the prestigious “Service Provider of the Year Award for Training and Development” for 2020. Mike is widely regarded as the best phone script writer and inside sales trainer in the business. Mike’s latest book, Power Phone Scripts: 500 Questions, Phrases, and Word-for-Word Scripts to Open and Close More Sales, is the latest in a series of best-selling books about inside sales.

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