Issuing a Proposal Prior to Making an Offer

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We are aware that completely eliminating plastic from the environment is virtually impossible; therefore, the most that we can accomplish is to reduce its use in applications requiring only a single use and to replace it with alternatives that can be biodegraded, such as paper, wood, and other naturally occurring or artificially produced materials.

There are articles and events happening all over the place regarding this topic, and we hear people who are worried about the environment and associations talking about the usage of paper and plastics for things other than products with a single use.

To accomplish this, we need to improve the availability of paper by simplifying the search process for end users, bringing together sellers and buyers on a single platform so that transactions can take place more quickly and easily than ever before, informing buyers that paper is more cost-effective than plastic and that it can meet some of their packaging and printing needs, increasing price transparency while simultaneously cutting down on the number of intermediary layers, and ultimately lowering paper prices.

All of above is possible on #proffero!! This is why we recommend making a proposal before making an offer.

In the ever rising world of ecommerce anything have been bought and sold online, eventually more and more products are becoming available online and can be bought directly from the convenience of your home / office or even your couch.

The printing and packaging business was beginning to feel somewhat left behind, and as a result, there is a requirement for a location where buyers and sellers can connect on a worldwide scale; this is something that can only be accomplished online.

After spending some time in the business and observing how transactions are conducted, we came to the conclusion that there is a demand for a platform that enables purchasers and vendors to locate goods that are an appropriate match for the raw materials they need.

As a result, we developed a platform with the goal of assisting buyers and sellers from all over the world in the process of acquiring raw material for the paper, packaging, printing, and other related industries.

We connect buyers and sellers all over the world to ensure that the supply of paper always matches the demand for it in a manner that is as simple to accomplish as the purchase of any other consumer good in the modern era. is the first global online marketplace of its kind, and it allows users to buy and sell products related to paper, board, packaging, plastic, film, printing, and other connected industries.

If you are looking to buy or sell paper, board, packaging film, or plastic, all you need to do is go to Proffer Before You Offer to get the best value and pricing from the numerous buyers and sellers who are using the platform. You can then find the buyer or seller who has the product that is most suited to your needs at the most affordable price.

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