Causes of Nighttime Toothache Severity  

Failure to practice proper oral hygiene

Because your teeth and gums are the primary entry points into the body, not practicing proper dental hygiene may have a significant impact on your general health. Inadequate oral hygiene can lead to a variety of negative outcomes, including tooth decay, gum disease, poor breath, oral abscesses, and even the loss of teeth. For this reason, brushing your teeth before going to bed and maintaining good oral hygiene are essential.

There are fewer distractions.

Because there are fewer distractions during the night than there are during the day, it is more probable that your toothache will be more painful when you are attempting to get to sleep. Enhanced Circulation of the Blood

Enhanced Circulation of the Blood

When you have a toothache, it is natural to experience more discomfort when you are sleeping. Lying down triggers a surge of blood to your head, thereby intensifying the pressure on your teeth. An increase in blood pressure places additional strain on a tooth that is already uncomfortable, which in turn causes the tooth’s inflammation to worsen. Applying cold compresses or using an ice pack can help minimize the pain and swelling that are associated with this condition.

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